There are many benefits of installing external wall insulation:

• Reduce your heating bills
• Improves the efficiency of your home
• Keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer
• Prevents damp and mould
• Improves the appearance of your home
• Can increase the value of your home

Reduced heating bills

By wrapping your home in external wall insulation you are preventing heat from escaping through your walls. A typical 3 bed semi could save up to £460 per year on heating bills.

Improves efficiency

External wall insulate makes your home much more energy efficient - this can be shown on an Energy Performance Certificate. By improving the efficiency of your property you will have a warmer and healthier home.

Warm in winter, cool in summer

Approximately 1/3 of the heat from a house is lost through the walls. Insulating the walls of your house is the equivalent to wrapping it in a blanket. Heat always flows from a warm area to a cooler area and insulation on the walls helps slow this transfer of heat from the warm air inside to the cooler air outside.

Prevents damp and mould

If the outside of your home is cracked or in poor repair, water could be travelling through the walls to the inside of your rooms. External wall insulation provides a waterproof, protective barrier and will protect your home from the elements.

Improves appearance

There are a variety of finish options available, including render, dash, cladding and brick effects. If your home is more attractive potential buyers will find it more appealing, particularly if it is cheaper to heat.

Can increase value

By improving the external appearance of your home and reducing bills this should ensure your home is more appealing to potential buyers. Investing in your property is a great way of improving its value.

Put a stop to increasing fuel bills

In homes with no insulation more energy is used for heating and most of the heat is lost through the un-insulated walls.

external wall insulation heat loss diagram
simply warmth

simply warmth

Your boiler accounts for up to 70% of what you spend on energy every year. This means replacing your old, inefficient boiler for a modern ‘A’ rated boiler can save up to £490 per year on running costs!

simply insulate

simply insulate

Around a third of all heat lost in a solid wall or non-traditional property is lost through the walls. In such properties cavity wall insulation is not possible so externally insulating is often the best option.

simply renewables

simply renewables

There has never been a better time for homeowners to invest in renewable energy and in particular Solar PV. Not only do homeowners benefit from free, self-generated electricity but any surplus is sold back to the National grid and you get paid for it via the Feed-in Tariff.

Simply survey

simply survey

RES offer impartial energy advice using out experienced and knowledgeable survey and assessment team, all of whom have a wealth of industry experience including external wall insulation, cavity and loft insulation and renewable technologies.

Simply Fix

simply fix

Gone are the days of costly and time consuming timber pattress fittings, an element of the install which can cause time delays and potential install problems. With Simply Fix you can “simply fix” our fittings directly into existing insulation.